Source: dallaschamber.org
Source: dallaschamber.org


The Dallas region has seen tremendous growth over the last several decades with residents and companies moving to the area which boasts a strong business climate in a central location. Dallas is a hotbed of innovation with a vibrant quality of life for all who live here. The region’s size and diversity means there is something for every person and every industry.

#1 Fastest growing Metro in the US

4th largest Metro in US

#1 State business climate

7th largest concentration of tech jobs in the US

#1 Most diverse economy in the US

#4 Metro with most Fortune 500 headquarters

0% Corporate State Income Tax Rate

0% Personal Income Tax Rate

Headquarters / Major Employers in Dallas-Fort Worth


Built on a legacy of entrepreneurial spirit, with a robust infrastructure and the largest, most highly educated and skilled workforce in the region, Downtown Dallas combines the affordability, accessibility, and diversity that businesses need to thrive, now and tomorrow.


With all of the region’s major transit lines converging in Downtown, the city’s center is already the most connected hub in the area, and will be further transformed with the addition of a second light rail subway line, the Texas High Speed Rail station, and re-imaging of the major highways surrounding Downtown.


As the region’s only authentic walkable urban area, Downtown is home to over 200 restaurants/bars and more than 100 acres of parks and is served by over 30 schools. It offers convenient access to a diverse range of housing options ranging from lofts, apartments, and condos to established neighborhoods of single-family homes – all within a 10-minute commute. Along with unmatched proximity to parks, trails, and natural amenities, Downtown offers a wide range of art, entertainment, sports and cultural venues and activities.


Newpark Dallas, situated on the southern edge of Downtown between the Convention Center and the Farmers Market, will be a thriving mixed-use neighborhood with something for everyone.  The district will offer visitors of the Convention Center a bustling corridor just outside its front steps providing a memorable experience as they visit the city.


The streets within Newpark will be energetic and full of life with shops and restaurants lining the base of buildings with wide sidewalks, bike lanes, and green spaces.  Anchoring the district will be a new urban park serving the students, employees, residents, and guests of the district, which will tie in with the future deck parks and surrounding civic and public spaces.


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